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“Fully-Secured” payment requests triggered by email or text from your own processes

Create remote accounts

Integrate our white label solution with your processes to create and manage user or customer accounts on the go. Create white label profiles and manage your accounts remotely.

Configure and administrate your accounts

Manage your account, and those of your salespeople or customers, assign privileges and access, inject predefined messages and get statistics, recipes, states…

I.S. externalisation

Benefit from an externalised solution under a fully secured licence on a dedicated managed server or your own extranet, with maintenance and support guaranteed 7 days a week

REST Clients

Our team will help you integrate the technology with your IS, mobile applications, websites and software. Call us free to find out more

Paytweak Rest API

Paytweak api

Integrate Paytweak with your CRM and IS easily with our API instructions.

You will have an account for all your tests and our technical team will help you integrate Paytweak with your software.


Our comprehensive documentation details the authentication process, settings and arguments for each instruction.

Documentation request - API

Would you like to integrate our technology with your application, software, CRM or IS? Fill in this form to tell us about your project.

We will send you the documentation on our API and you will get access to our technical support service to help with your project. You’ll see, it’s all very simple


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