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(*) DSO : Day Sales Outstanding

Optimise receivables management and improve your DSO*

Paytweak reduces your need for working capital by optimising receivables management.

Our innovative process automates the invoicing and collection process, scheduling customised friendly reminders according to the scenarios you set.

  Reduce unpaid invoices

To limit litigations, Paytweak manages the creation, sending and payment of your digital invoices. The solution also allows you to set scenarios for customised reminders in the event of late payment.

  Virtual scheduler

Paytweak’s SmartScheduler gives you complete vision on sums outstanding and reminders sent, allowing you to intervene at every stage of the process. You become more available for your customers.

Inject your debtor files
in Excel format

your payment order

Direct your customers
to your payment space

Integrate our packages
with your Information System


Do you want to know how we can reduce your risk of unpaid invoices ?

Get our documentation on the automatic collection process via Paytweak.

We also offer exclusive services for collection professionals.
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