Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is your service suited to my activity ?

PayTweak is aimed at ALL PROFESSIONALS who want to be able to collect payments by e-mail and SMS and trigger one-click payments. Whether you are interested in:

  • paying invoices,
  • sending payment reminders,
  • taking a deposit from a customer,
  • making remote bookings,
  • distance selling of products or services,
  • or securing payments over the phone,
  • PayTweak enables you to accept all these card payments instantly via e-mail, SMS or mobile push notification.
    We are sure it will come in handy :-)

    What is the commission rate ?

    ZERO ! You pay no commission on your transaction amounts. You just pay your subscription if you choose a paid-for package, or nothing at all if you opt for the free account

    How does the money reach my account ?

    Directly ! The transaction takes place at your bank, which processes the payment and transfers the funds to your account. We have no access to your account or to the data entered by your customers.

    Can we integrate the service with our applications ?

    Yes ! Thanks to our API and dedicated modules, you can integrate all or some of the features of our service into your mobile apps, business software or CRM or integrate PayTweak into your IT system as a white-label service. Take a look at the API page or the Partnerships page, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions

    How is support provided ?

    You can contact us by e-mail or call the hotline for your package. For Corporate packages, a dedicated service is available seven days a week.

    Can I create accounts for other users ?

    Yes ! Depending on the package, you can create from 3 to 1,000 users and configure their privileges and the pages they can access. You can create other administrators and teams, divide them up by sectors and appoint managers to supervise them. The dashboard gives you an overview of ALL your user reports.

    How long will I be committed for ?

    There is no commitment ! You choose your subscription period in advance. If you don't want to renew it, no action is required – the subscription expires naturally and the account is deleted.

    I don't have a contract with my bank to accept cards – how can I use your service ?

    You can use a wallet solution (PayPal, PayPlug, Bluepaid etc.) or a payment service provider such as Ogone to collect card payments. We can also open an Ingenico Payment Services account for you with preferential terms

    Is my data secure ?

    Absolutely ! All the exchanges with Paytweak.com are encrypted, and your data is encrypted as soon as it is entered. The messages processed by PayTweak use an exclusive anti-phishing technology and our innovative process has been approved by banks and payment service providers.

    Where can I use my payment links ?

    Anywhere ! or almost :-) The PayTweak payment link is universal! Paste it into an instant chat, an e-mail, an SMS message, a PDF document, an invoice (in the form of a QR code), your Facebook page or a tweet to confirm an order. Basically, any method of digital communication

    How long does a payment link remain valid ?

    You decide from your dashboard. What's more, payment links are automatically deactivated as soon as they have been used.

    Can I modify or deactivate a link ?

    Yes, as long as it has not been paid, you can adjust the amount requested via a payment link, deactivate it or even delete it. In this case, it becomes inactive

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