The « Instant payment » service for tourism and hospitality professionals

Confirm bookings in one click and authenticate remote cardholders to protect you from fraud

No show
Third party

With Paytweak you can authenticate remote cardholders with 3Dsecure, and protect yourself against fraud.

You instantly get on-screen notifications of secure payment and pre-approvals, as you talk to the customer. Payments are processed in real time and guaranteed by your bank.


An innovative and smooth payment service
at the heart of the customer relationship

Big hotel group and tour operator call centers secure hundreds of transactions every day with Paytweak.


Recommended by banks and PSPs, the Paytweak solution offers innovative functionalities to cut payment times for good!


Easy to use, multi-user and multi-site, Paytweak works on the cloud as a single unit or in teams, integrating with the IS via its APIs as well as your applications and software


All our customers see massive growth in their sales activity. The service reduces payment times, facilitates collection and promotes conversions


Safe and secure

Never ask a customer for their card number again

With Paytweak you secure the remote sales process from start to finish, and protect your image as well as the privacy of your customers’ bank details.

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Secure remote sales

Travel agencies
and tourism and hospitality Professionals

multiple payment

Payment in installments

Spread out customer payments by choosing the date and amount for each instalment.

multiple payment

Customized trip

Change in price? Modify the offer in real time by deactivating old links and sending new ones.

Group trip

Share payment between travellers by sending a payment link to each individual. The smart way for groups to pay.

QR code

Orders and Qrcode

Add a QR code to your prospectus for bookings with immediate payment!


Managed on the Cloud

Manage your account and user activity from an intuitive user-friendly dashboard or your C.R.M

direct to bank

Bank Payments

Payment is made straight to your bank account No third parties, no fees!

And much more…