Paytweak provides a universal, secure and unforgeable payment link to trigger payments with a single click on any devices

Meet our Highly Innovative payment services

Paiement par EMAIL Ingenico Paytweak
Secure Email Payment
Paiement par SMS Paytweak
Text & Push Payments
Paiement par Chat Paytweak
Chat app & Chat bot Payment
Paiement mPOS sans TPE
Face2Face POSless payment

Save on the fees and commissions charged on transactions by third parties.
No more waiting time for funds to be transferred to your bank account


it's EASY !

Choose existing messages or simply create / upload your owns

Fill the amount and the customer's e-mail address or mobile phone number and securely send the payment requests through the Paytweak's anti phishing patented technology or through your usual softwares


it's FAST !

Digitaly signed

Customers receive secure messages via Paytweak, meaning they can clearly identify you and make payments in total confidence



All payments comes directly into your bank account.

You save on intermediaries commissions / fees and receive your funds without delay

Paytweak offers stunning features to improve your cash flow and make customer payments easier

Our Innovative features

Connect all your apps and softwares through our powerful Rest API

Trigger sophisticated payment requests anywhere, at anytime from and to any devices


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