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Using Paytweak™, you can accept all credit cards and issue electronic Bank transfert & direct debit authorisations by Secured Email, text, instant messaging apps, through Social networks ... receiving payments directly into your bank account with no time, no intermediaries and no commission charges.

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Get payments in seconds

Secure Email Payment

Transactional & customized e-mails are sent through our anti-phishing technology which guarantees that they are delivered, encrypted and tracked.

SMS Text & Push Payment

Trigger instant payments by TEXT or secure Push notifications. Mobile Payments comes directly in your bank account, no delay, no fees !

Collect quicker than ever !
Directly to the bank

Paytweak fits to YOUR business

  • Enterprise

    Automate collection and optimise receivables management with Paytweak. Our invoicing, collection, scheduled debit instruction and automatic reminder solutions optimise your cash management. Preserve the DNA of your company by personalising the solution and incorporate it into your CRM or business software for even deeper integration

  • Startups

    Use all or some of PayTweak's features as a white label service. The solution integrates perfectly with your business, simplifies your collection or that of your customers and can be fully redesigned using your colours. Our intuitive, well-documented Rest API means you can use the service on all your platforms: web app, mobile app, website or web service, etc. Learn more

  • Small business

    Accept customer pre-payments and remote payments easily. Create personalised invoices and use a simple, convenient and powerful tool to manage your sales and collections while facilitating your customers' payments.

  • Corporate

    Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our Tokenisation & PCI specialists to integrate innovative services into your IT system. Our experts work together with your IT security manager to supply or develop solutions that can be outsourced with the guarantee of maintenance within the hour 24/7. Call us free at 0805 69 31 32

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Try Paytweak 30 days for free, no credit card required
Tweak Payments easily and maximize your cash management


Just amazing !

Our intuitive and powerful dashboard allows you to controll everything from the cloud or from any CRM & business softwares

Easy to setup, Plug & Play with 500 Banks and PSP
Manage your teams, your Point of Sales, Group & holdings activity just from ONE very secure place

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