Pricing 2023

Since 2015, Paytweak® optimizes and secures all cash receipts in full-service or direct connection with your bank & PSP


$ 11.90 mois

If you plan to cash out about 3.000 $ / month

  • 1 User
  • 50 SMS included
  • 2.000 Emails included
  • Option FLAT*
  • Access to API
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$ 34.90 mois

If you plan to cash out about 10.000 $ / month

  • 1 Users
  • 100 SMS included
  • 5.000 Emails included
  • Option FLAT*
  • Access to API
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$ 109 month

If you plan to cash out about 40.000 $ / month

  • 3 Users
  • 300 SMS included
  • 10.000 Emails included
  • Option FLAT*
  • Access to API
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$ 249 month

If you plan to cash out about 80.000 $ / month

  • 7 Users
  • 500 SMS included
  • 20.000 Emails included
  • Option FLAT*
  • Access API
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Unlimited cash in,
multiple point of sales management and unlimited users

Manage all your legal entities, banks and PSPs from a single account and reconcile all your flows

$ 499 month


  • CEILING unlimited
  • MULTI accounts
  • API unlimited
  • 1 Users
    + 2,00 $ / licence
  • SERVER optional
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Possibility to host the CORPORATE subscription and sub-accounts on a dedicated PCI-DSS certified server

Our synergy Bank + PSP + Fintech at the service of our customers

In addition to your bank or PSP, we trigger innovative collections with funds arriving directly into your bank account, without delay or commission*.


Banks & PSP


Emails sent


SMS sent

Details of the features related to subscriptions

Each subscription comes with features specific to your needs

Plan Light
$ 11,90 / month
Plan Starter
$ 34,90 / month
Plan Business
$ 109,00 / month
Plan Premium
$ 249,00 / month
Payment Link + QRcode
Cash-In $ 2.000
0,69% beyond
$ 10.000
0,59% beyond
$ 40.000
0,49% beyond
$ 80.000
0,39% beyond
  Emails Premium included 2.000 5.000 10.000 20.000
  SMS Premium included
Pricing of additional pack
10 100 300 500
  Automatic reminders scenario -
  PDF invoices QRcode + integrated link
  Scheduled payment
Schedule payment requet
  Direct debits and subscriptions
Direct debits / Credit card Tokenisation
  Batch processing

sFTP injection or automatic reading of campaign files
- -
  Reverse ( refunds/compensation )

+ 0,10 cts / Reverse
- - + $ 39,90
  Paytweakapp ( SoftPOS ) + $ 5,90 / app / month + $ 4,90 / app / month + $ 3,90 / app / month + $ 2,90 / app / month
API requests   ( Requests number / month ) - 1.000 50.000 100.000
  Daily report -
Hotline Support   +   +
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Pricing FAQ

If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us!

Yes, if you have opted for a renewable monthly subscription, you can cancel it at any time from your account. And if you haven't collected anything, we'll give you a full refund!

If you took a 6 or 12 month subscription, or if you took a FLAT subscription, you will be able to cancel its renewal but the remaining period will remain due.

Yes if you choose our subscriptions and not Full-Service. You should have or ask your bank.

If you already have a contract with a PSP, make sure yours is one of the ones integrated with Paytweak®. You can also contact our partners to make this process easier. Feel free to ask us about these topics


Sorry, we no longer grant trial periods. However, if you haven't collected anything in the first month of your subscription and you ask to cancel before the expiration date, we'll give you an immediate refund, no delay and no questions asked. That's our money-back guarantee.

An indicator informs you in real time of the status of your cash receipts and the limit provided for in your subscription. When you exceed the limit, we do not prevent other payments from your customers. At the end of the month, we charge you a percentage of the amount that exceeded the limit.

Of course, you can upgrade to the next plan during the month to avoid this intermediate billing known as "Over". Keep in mind, however, that upgrading to a higher plan is irreversible

If you have opted for a FLAT subscription, you have one year to consume the annual cash-out limit. If you exceed it during the subscription, you can increase the cap but you will be charged the "Over" rate shown in the subscription chart

If you choose a CORPORATE subscription, good news! There is no cap, you can cash out millions every month.

Seasonal workers have irregular incomes, depending on their periods of activity, and some months they may not reach their subscription limit. In other months, they may exceed it completely! With the FLAT option, the seasonal worker can smooth out their income limit throughout the year!

For example, the ceiling for the STARTER subscription is 10,000 EUR or USD / month. If you exceed it, we will charge 0.59% for this excess. With the FLAT option, you have a ceiling of 120,000 USD / EUR / year that you can smooth out throughout the year.

And what happens if I exceed the
annual cap after 6 or 8 month?

In this case, you will still be able to increase your annual collection cap but the increase will be charged according to the percentage associated with your subscription percentage.

A fixed number of users is included in your subscription. You can add or remove as many as you want during your subscription. We will calculate the exact price of additional licenses each month.

Paytweak® is connected to 500 banks, PSPs and wallets worldwide. You will be able to create and connect new Paytweak accounts to your main account and link them to the bank or PSP of your choice in the country of your choice.

From your main account, you will have the view of the flows of each point of sale and the actions of all your users in real time.

Deploy Paytweak® worldwide and monitor your cash receipts in real time, regardless of bank or psp.